15 Best Instagram tools and apps for growing followers

Best Instagram Apps and tools for growing Followers

Are you looking for the best Instagram tools and apps for growing followers?

Well, you want to increase your followers quickly. Right! In this article, we will get you covered regarding the best Instagram tools and apps that can be used to gain the maximum number of followers.

Instagram is one of the amazing best social media platforms nowadays. Each day it is getting more and more popular

 Be it celebrities, general users or small business owners, or brands everyone wants more followers.

As Instagram has a billion users, you can’t ignore this platform for marketing. The great advantage of this platform is you can leverage the maximum number of money if you have a maximum number of followers.

Many entrepreneurs want to become Instagram influencers in order to leverage more money. For that same, you just need an active account with the right kind of tools. 

So without wasting much time let’s discover the best Instagram tools to discover the best Instagram tools and apps for growing followers.

1. Tailwind

Best Instagram tools for growing followers

It is a very handy tool that has the great capacity to market your process. By using this tool you can be more productive when it comes to managing Instagram accounts. 

To use this tool you can log in to the platform via your Instagram account. If you are managing a business account then you can link Facebook pages to this tool too. This tool also helps you in scheduling your content for Facebook as well as Instagram.

Once you are done with the linking process actually you can create and schedule your posts which can save you valuable time.

Apart from that this tool can analyze your audience behavior and can get you the perfect data regarding engagements too. 

Tailwind has a Tailwind create a tool where you can create amazing posts for your Instagram accounts. This tool allows you to personalize the various photos that you want to post as well. The tool allows creating amazing content in a quicker and easier way.

2. Missinglettr


This is an all-in-one social media management platform through which one can easily manage all of his/her social media easily. However, it offers a wide range of possibilities apart from managing your social media too. 

Around 30k+ creators are using it to increase their followers. Apart from that this social media can help your blog posts into shareable social media posts too which ultimately save your valuable time. 

For all social media platforms, you can get quality content using this tool. So if you have unique content then this tool can take care of your accounts.

Social media like Instagram, FB, Twitter, or Google my business can be used by this tool very effectively. 

The other perk of this tool is it offers Drip content options that help you to automate the process of your Content.

When you connect the blog to it then it has the capacity to fetch all contents from your blog posts which can easily be shared all across the social media platform.


Best Instagram tools for increase your followers

This is one of the best photo editing apps which can give you breathtaking photos. So you must consider this app in order to get maximum followers. 

This app is available for both Android and iPhone. You just simply download it and can play with it. 

Apart from that this platform also can get you branded hashtags which can bring more users. As a result, you can increase your Instagram followers using this tool.

4. Snapseed

Best Instagram app for increase followers

This is Google’s photo editing tool which is available free to use. This app is available for both Android and iOS users.

You can edit the photo with various filters it has. Apart from that, it has tools such as ambiance, brush tool and selective adjust, etc. by which you can make amazing photos. As a result, people will see more of your photos that they can not take their eyes off of. However, this is a great tool for growing your Instagram followers.

5. Over

This app is quite essential as it strongly focuses on inspirational quotes, you can able to notice all your content in front of your users. 

Apart from that this app is pretty good at adding overplayed texts and can also add amazing graphics to your image. This app is very easy to use and can fetch a significant number of followers.

6. Later’s Visual Instagram Planner

If you have an Instagram account then you must consider the theme for that. This can help you to get amazing feeds and users can understand your content easily.

Just simply use this tool to personalize your Instagram feeds. Apart from that, this tool can help you to rearrange photos or even can remove unnecessary elements from images. This tool is quite easy and powerful.

7. Gleam App

Instagram Ways to increase your followers

This app allows you to run contests on Instagram by which you can Increase followers very quickly. 

If you want to arrange the contest manually then it is a daunting task to do on Instagram. So don’t worry, the Gleam app can help you a lot in this regard.

This app can provide you with a lot of Instagram tools so that you can manage your contests effectively. To know more about this app, simply download it and play with it.

8. WooBox


You can run your contests using the right kinds of hashtags. This may look very easy but running a contest with a perfect hashtag is quite difficult.

So in order to minimize your difficulty, here comes the WooBox which very easily does those kinds of things.

You just need to connect WooBox to your Facebook account in order to get full use of it. However, you can download this app for free. 

9. WishPond 

It is like WooBox which offers the exact features which WooBox offers. This app can support both photos and takes care of hashtags handedly.

With this app, you can see the contest performance too. This app comes with both free and paid plans.

10. Instagram insights

If you do not have a perfect strategy to start with Instagram marketing then Instagram insight can help you in this regard. 

This tool is free to use and comes with an Instagram app only. But before using it make sure you have an Instagram business profile. Otherwise, you can not use this platform. Then after having an Instagram business account then only you can check the growth of your profile. 

11. Later’s best time to post

Best time to post

By using Later’s best time to post you can simply draw maximum engagements as well as followers. 

We all know that finding a perfect time to post is quite a daunting task. So you can go for this amazing tool too. 

This tool can help you to know the perfect time to schedule your content. The service comes with a monthly subscription.

12. Storeo

This tool is exclusively crafted for interactive Instagram stories which can get you more business when you consider the tool.

This app has the ability to record or upload a single video which can be further sliced up to 15 seconds video too. This app is super easy and works effectively.

13. Boomerang 

This app was launched in the year 2015 which has so many great features, one of them is that you can click the photos in quick succession.

After taking photos, you can instantly turn the photos into GIFs and this app is very good to use.

By using its feature you can able to create amazing Instagram stories for your audience. And, ultimately these types of Instagram tools and apps will help you to growing your followers

14. Canva

When it comes to the best photo editing tool, Canva is the best tool that has ever been produced. Canva has more popularity than any other photo editing tool.

The tool offers amazing graphics which you can use to create stunning photos. Apart from that, this tool comes with various already made Instagram stories templates which can be used to create amazing Instagram stories. 

This app is very easy to use.

15. AutoHash

Autohash Instagram tool to generate Instagram hashtags

AutoHash is a great hashtag finder tool that can be used effectively in order to outsmart the Instagram algorithm.

The tool provides amazing hashtags for your Instagram photos and videos. To use this tool you just need to upload a photo then this tool can fetch all the relevant hashtags which you can for your content.

Bottom line

So above are the 15 best Instagram tools and apps for growing followers. You can go for any of the tools depending upon your usage. However, the Editor picks are Canva, Snapseed, Instagram insight, and Later’s visual Instagram planner which you can go for. 


Q. Which app is best to increase Instagram followers?

A: Canva and Later’s visual Instagram planner are the best tools to use for increasing Instagram followers.

Q. What tools increase followers on Instagram?

A: Choose the listed above

Q. Which is the best Instagram tool for free?

A: WooBox is the best Instagram tool for free. However, you can consider Canva as well

Q. Which are the best Instagram tools for 2021?

A: Snapseed, Canva, Later’s a visual platform, AutoHash is the best example of amazing Instagram tools which you can go for. 

Q. Which is the best Instagram management app?

A: Instagram insights is the best Instagram management app.

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