7 best Instagram scheduling apps for 2021

Best Instagram Scheduling Apps

Are you looking for the best Instagram scheduling apps or tools?

Did you know? Having the best Instagram scheduler tool can help you to easily schedule all your content in a single time which can save you lots of time.

It is obvious that your brands need more and more presence on social media platforms as marketing without social media is just like avoid to your business nowadays.

And of course, if you want more return from your investment you should have the proper understanding of effective marketing strategy for social media platforms.

So you don’t want to invest much time in uploading content on social media platforms. Right? You want all your content to be scheduled automatically and for that, you need the right kind of apps or tools. Actually, when you use an automatic Instagram scheduler tool you will be far away from copying, pasting, and manually pasting your contents on different social media platforms.

The following are the benefits of using an automatic Instagram scheduler tool.

  • The posts can be easily uploaded to variety of platforms
  • You can schedule your content to the different audience
  • You will be free from repeating contents over and over again etc.

Here in this article, we will not only talk about the Instagram scheduler tool but we will also give you the best Instagram scheduling apps by which you can schedule all your contents to the other social media platforms as well.

How to get the best Instagram scheduler tool to grow your business

So you are searching for an Instagram scheduler tool or automatic Instagram scheduling apps. Now the question is which scheduler tool you should go for? It is because there are plenty of the best Instagram scheduling apps out there. So, how can you find the best Instagram scheduler tool that matches your usage?

Actually, you will get no right answer or you may get confused while choosing the best Instagram scheduling apps.

Don’t worry. We have come up with the 7 best Instagram scheduling apps that will surely benefit you. But before getting into the best scheduling tools there are some factors you need to consider.

The factors are as follows

1. Are you using only instagram for your business or using other social media platforms?

First of all, your social marketing strategy depends on the type of social media platform. However, Instagram is the number one social media platform nowadays. It is because Instagram has impressive social media statistics which clearly convey that it is the best choice for every brand or consumer.

However, you may be using other social media platforms as different brands or businesses or products need different kinds of platforms. So while choosing the best Instagram scheduling apps for your Instagram marketing is quite hectic.

On the other hand, there are many Instagram scheduler tools that can also support other social media platforms as well. So that you can schedule all your content with that one.

In addition to this if you are doing marketing on a variety of other social media platforms then you should have to know your primary social media platform first. It is because many best Instagram scheduling apps are greatly focused on a particular social media platform (though these tools also focus on other social media platforms). That particular social media platform comes with a number of features. For example, if the ABC tool is the best scheduler tool for Instagram, FB, YouTube, and Twitter. Let the primary focus of the ABC tool is only on Instagram where it provides better features over the other social media platforms. 

2. Tools that post content automatically to instagram

Initially, Instagram API (Application program interface) was very strong where it did not allow any kind of third-party apps to auto post the content on it. But later in 2018, when Instagram launched its business profile then it changed its API which allows many businesses to take advantage of scheduling tools.

Apart from that, the Instagram scheduler tool allows images and videos to post automatically on Instagram. However, you can’t post carousel posts and Instagram stories. 

Thanks to some of the amazing, unique, exceptional, and best Instagram scheduling apps which have many advantages over other social media scheduling tools. For example, Sked Social is one of the best Instagram scheduling apps which can allow you to schedule your carousel posts and Instagram stories as well. First, this Sked Social sends you a notification then when you tap on the publish, with the help of Sked Social you can publish carousel posts as well as Instagram stories.

Apart from that, all the services that Sked provides is only for business profiles. So you need to turn your personal Instagram profile to a business profile.

3. Scheduling of Instagram stories and auto-posting

Every day over 500 million people are using Instagram stories. So if you have a better Instagram marketing strategy, you will have to do that too.

Though Sked Social is good for Instagram stories there are a number of schedules that do not support stories, these schedulers can only send push notifications to your mobile. As a result, you need to post all things manually.

4. Carousel post scheduling

Carousel posts otherwise called album posts or swipe posts which were first launched in the year 2017. These carousel posts are now becoming trendy day by day.

There is only one Instagram scheduler tool that is Sked Social that allows you to post a carousel automatically. Though there are two other tools out there, they can send you to push notifications and you have to post the carousel posts manually.

5. Scheduler that allow posts with product tags

If you really want to sell your products then sometimes you have to post the content with a product tag as it gives more revenue.

Thank God, the Sked Social also supports or can schedule your posts with product tags. So that people will tap your post to buy the products.

6. Scheduler that allow to post content with hashtag in your first comment

Many people love to add hashtags in their first comment rather than the captions while posting content. There are also some tools that can allow you to add a hashtag in your first comment and there are some other tools out there that can hide the hashtags as well.

7. From which device (PC, Mobile or Macbook) are you scheduling your post?

As many business owners use PC or Macbook for their marketing campaign or content posting. The scheduling tools which we have mentioned below are pretty good for PC and Mac book.

Quick summary: 

Things need to consider before buying a scheduler

  • Budget 
  • Feature
  • Platforms (Which social media platform you are using on a daily basis)

Let’s explore 7 best Instagram scheduling apps in 2021

1. Sked Social

This platform primarily supports Instagram. Apart from that it also supports Facebook, Twitter, Google my business, and YouTube.

Price – Free for 7 days and the plan just starts at $25 per month.

This Instagram scheduler tool offers many features which allow unlimited users with no further plans. That means you can easily collaborate with your team members with just a starting plan.

Sked also offers advanced Instagram analytics features by which it can help your post to get higher engagements. Some of the advanced analytics features which it offers includes

  • You will able to know the best time to post on Instagram
  • Story insights(impressions)
  • Post insights (Impressions, engagements, reach)
  • Audience demographic information (Gender, time zone , location etc)

Apart from that, you are also able to export all the Sked analytics to your excellent sheet as well.

Key features

  • Allow to add hashtags in your first comment
  • Allow to tag people, products and location
  • Can save hashtags lists
  • Provide a content calendar for planning of your posts
  • Allow auto posting of Images, carousel posts, videos, stories etc.

Other benefits

  • Offers 60 filters
  • Offers stickers, texts and overlay to create a good image content
  • Offers robust analytics
  • Allow bulk uploading
  • Also comes with app where you can check your schedule from anywhere
  • Offers a social media calendar
  • Offers hashtag recommendation tool

Apart from that Sked allows you to upload content from the platforms such as

  • From your phone, computer
  • From your Google drive
  • From Drop box
  • From Instagram URL
  • Drag and drop etc


  • Sked Social can not able to schedule the content for Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Does not provide any engagement tools too

2. Buffer Publish

This Instagram scheduler tool primarily supports Twitter. In addition to this, it also supports Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

Price – Buffer offers 10 scheduled posts for one user which can cover up to 3 social media accounts (Free plan). The paid plan just start at $15 per month

This is another top-performing scheduler. Buffer comes with a browser extension and mobile app too by which you can manage your content from anywhere. This scheduling tool is pretty best for Twitter.

Recently buffer has launched a l8nk in bio tool. Though buffer is a good scheduling tool for covering all the basic needs still it does not provide the services like buffer reply.


  • Free account of buffer does not allow multiple users to use it
  • Buffer do not offer instagram story on free account rather it allows to do so in a premium account
  • Buffer does not offer carousel scheduling or product tagging.

Buffer benefits

  • Buffer also offers hashtags in your first comment
  • Buffer does not allow a visual feed planner as it is primarily made forTwitter.

Though using a scheduling tool enables you to auto-post everything in just one click. However, in the case of Buffer, many times you have to log in to the Instagram account for adding tagged accounts and for uploading stories.

3. Later

This platform is primarily designed to schedule Instagram content. Besides that, Later also supports some other platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Price – Later Comes with a limited offer free plan and its paid plan just starts at $9 per month.

Though Later supports Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter it gives all its attention to the scheduling of posts on Instagram.

Talking about its functionality, it will not disappoint you as it has many advanced features. 

The features that Later offers are 

  • Provide a visual planner where you can map out your Instagram grid
  • Also has the ability to get you user generated content for your inst3 post which can automatically save it inside the tool.
  • Offers a best comprehensive analytics
  • Offers a link in bio tool

Apart from all the above things the storage support of Later is pretty good as it has the ability to import media from anywhere where it can automatically organize in its library with appropriate labels.


  • There are some certain dimensions (of post) that can not be uploaded on a free plan whereas videos can be uploaded on a free plan.
  • Though Later can schedule instagram stories and carousel posts but it does not allow you to post them automatically rather it sends a push notification by which you have to post it manually.
  • Later also does not allow product tags on posts as well

4. Tailwind

This Instagram scheduler tool is primarily designed for Pinterest. Apart from that it also supports Instagram.

Price – Start at just $9.99 per month.

Tailwind primarily focuses on visual content as it supports both Pinterest and Instagram.

Tailwind allows a pretty good optimization of Pinterest and Instagram scheduling feature which helps in posting content when your audience is engaging most.

Apart from that Tailwind smart loop will also help in pinning the top Pinterest pins for getting high engagements. In addition to this Tailwind also offers a hashtag finder for suggestions of appropriate hashtags.


  • It supports only 2 platform which suggests that it does not support all-in-one platform
  • Does not support instagram story scheduling and carousel posts
  • Does not support hashtags in the first comment.
  • At $9.99 per month, the maximum user can  use a Tailwind account is 5. However, for more members you have to switch to the professional plan which is just starting at $799 per month.

5. Sprout social

This is primarily designed for Facebook. Apart from that this platform also supports Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, Google plus, etc.

Price – Start at $99 per month

This is the most comprehensive top social media scheduling app which is packed with incredible features.

The features include : 

  • Engagements
  • Publishing
  • Analytics
  • Listening
  • Collaboration
  • Automation

Apart from all that this scheduling tool is great for social interaction which can help you to update and become trendy. Overall this is really a great platform.


  • You can not choose a specific time to post rather you can post your content at some frequency
  • Does not support instagram stories and carousel posts
  • Does not support hashtags in the first comment

6. Hootsuite

The primary focus of this tool is Twitter. However, it also supports Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, and Pinterest.

Price – Free plan comes with limited features. Paid plans start with $39 per month.

This Platform is one of the household names when it comes to social media scheduling tools. Like Sprout social, it has advanced features too. 

Apart from this, this Instagram scheduler tool allows bulk upload of content that means it can schedule hundreds of posts at once. Hootsuite also comes with the browser extension and app features too. 

Additionally, this tool allows the relevant content to post to your relevant audience too. Overall this could be a great choice for social media marketers too.


  • Can’t tag accounts, locations or products
  • Does not support carousel posts and instagram stories
  • You will be allowed to use this platform for 5 members but if you want more users to join then you have to upgrade your plans to $755 per month.
  • Free plan can allow to post only 3 social media accounts


CoSchedule is great for scheduling WordPress blog posts. However, this platform also supports Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, Google Plus, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.

Price – $80 per month

What it offers :

  • Marketing calendar
  • Email marketing capabilities to analytics
  • Planning blog posts
  • Good for all social media platforms
  • Considered as one of the “best time scheduling” tool
  • Allows to post content at perfect time


  • Does not support instagram stories and carousel posts
  • Does not support hashtags in first comment
  • Can not export analytics reports


Though there are other numerous social media scheduling tools out there, the above seven are the best social media scheduler which you can go for. Depending upon your usability you can select the best one.

Still, you are getting confused, then Sked Social, Hootsuite, Later, and  Sprout Social are the best scheduling apps that you can go for. If you need almost all advanced features and if you have a high budget go for Sked Social otherwise Hootsuite is a great option too.


Q. Which is the best Instagram scheduling app free?

A: Though all the scheduling tools come with some free plan and paid plan. But the free plan comes with limited features.

Q. Which is the best Instagram scheduler of 2021?

A: Go through this article, depending upon your need choose the right tool for your Instagram marketing. However, Sked Social and Hootsuite are the two editor-choice social media scheduling tools that you can go for.

Q. Which is the best Instagram auto-post app?

A: Read the above article, hopefully, you will find the answer.

Q. How to schedule Instagram posts from your phone?

A: Out of the seven tools, some come with the best app feature. However, “Later” provides a great solution to that. 

Q. Which is the best Instagram planner in 2021?

A: Sked Social is one of the best scheduling tools.

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