If you love Instagram, chances are you’re always searching for new and trending hashtags to make your posts as popular as possible. Whether your goal is business growth or entertainment, these best Instagram hashtag tools will help you get the best engagement for your photo. Also, know the answers to how to use hashtags with posts and why to use them on Instagram.

A hashtag is considered a character and will reduce your character count. In contrast, Instagram posts can include up to thirty hashtags. To get the most out of your social media posts, it’s recommended that you include at least 20 hashtags.

However, utilizing Instagram hashtags should be cautiously approached in one specific situation. Overusing the same hashtags in several posts will result in a penalty on Instagram’s part. Hashtags should be specifically crafted for each post.

To produce hashtags that increase your posts’ engagement rates, you should use one of the best Instagram hashtag tools, such as the ones listed below.

How To Use Hashtags?

Hashtag tools are quite important not only for social media marketing but also for other purposes. Hashtags can be a great way of identifying trends and also assist you in your messaging. They can also be used to add a little narrative to your message.

Many think that hashtags are exclusive to Instagram, but they are available on all social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Choosing the right hashtag tool will make creating your post much easier, and the results will be better too.

So, how to use hashtags with posts?

  • To use a hashtag, prefix the term with a hash symbol (#).
  • The hashtag must not have any spaces in it.
  • Use alpha-numeric characters or a combination of the two.
  • Include non-standard characters

Here is a detailed article on how to use hashtags on Instagram.

Why Are Hashtags Important?

Why use hashtags on Instagram? Well!  There are two reasons why hashtags are important. Firstly, they are very useful in tracking particular events or topics. If you want to focus on a particular topic, then using related hashtags is a good idea.

Secondly, hashtags make content searchable for others within specific locations or businesses. If you want to reach out to people within a certain location, then using relevant hashtags will help reach them.

Making the most out of social media is not just about posting as many updates as possible but also about ensuring that these updates have the best exposure and engagement rates.

Using a hashtag is a good strategy to ensure that your post gets maximum exposure and higher engagement rates. If you want to use hashtags effectively, you must try one of the hashtag tools listed below.

Here are the top Instagram hashtag-generating tools you may use to discover the ideal hashtag mixture for each post.

1) HashtagsForLikes

A popular tool that helps you create meaningful, engaging hashtags in a fraction of the time it takes to craft your own. This hashtag generator makes creating unique hashtags very easy, and you can do this by simply copy-pasting one emoji at a time.

The best part is that this tool generates hashtags with meanings, not random numbers. HashtagForLikes also allows you to customize the ratio between emojis and words.

HashtagForLikes’s Smart Algorithm reveals which widely used hashtags can help your account gain followers and exposure. Using trending hashtags on Instagram is a great way to gain more attention, reach a wider audience, and stimulate conversation.

2) Kicksta

This is a tool you can use to create your hashtags when you cannot use a generic one that is already more popular. It enables you to put in a few words, and the tool will create it.

Because it facilitates sophisticated searches, it has quickly become one of the most widely used Instagram hashtag tools. With Kicksta, you can limit your hashtag targeting to only those that meet a certain minimum and maximum post count.

3) Inflact

This hashtag tool for Instagram allows you to create simple and unique hashtags in just a few taps. The tool can analyze the most popular hashtags on Instagram and suggest the best ones for your photo.

Inflact even suggests hashtags that it discovered can increase exposure and engagement. The tool also comes with a full-screen widget that displays uploading users’ most recent images and their chosen hashtags in real-time.

With Inflact, you may speed up your search by simultaneously entering up to five different keywords. Additionally, hashtags in any language can be searched for on Instagram to yield location-based results.

4) Tailwind

A tailwind is a tool that you can use to create your hashtags for Instagram directly from within the mobile app. It also enables users to evaluate the performance of different searches for relevant hashtags and presents all possible targets in one simple list.

The tool allows you to target specific tags with varying search criteria, such as keywords and hashtags. Tailwind also provides insights into the performance of user-generated results, why some hashtags perform better than others, or whether they responded positively or negatively to other posts on the same hashtag.

If you find a picture online that you like and want to share, you may use the Tailwind browser plugin to do it with minimal attribution.

5) Flick

With this hashtag generator tool, you can easily create your hashtags based on a selected keyword and Instagram profile. You may also set up a schedule for automatic posts optimized to garner the most likes and comments.

The tool is designed for users to exploit the maximum potential of their Instagram profiles. It is possible to search for popular and relevant hashtags, allowing users to discover less popular but still relevant keywords.

As a bonus, their mobile app provides a dedicated space where you may store and access hashtag ideas for later usage. The most useful feature is that the program will provide analytics on your uploaded stuff if your Instagram account is connected.

This tool offers a free trial period of 14 days so that you can test out the service before deciding on a paid membership.

6) All Hashtag

This web-based tool is an easy and fast way to generate relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts. It allows you to create a hashtag or keyword from scratch, making it very effective.

The tool also uses Google Trends to analyze and match the best hashtags for your posts. With All Hashtag, you can easily schedule photos and access up-to-date analytics on your account, including views, likes, and reach.

Hashtag analytics and a hashtag generator are also included. These modifications can aid your choice of hashtags for posts. However, it often generates hashtags that are relevant to your search.


Thanks to the hundreds of Instagram tools and hashtag-generating tools available now, it has become easy for anyone to find the best hashtag for any post easily. Any user can use these tools to find the best hashtags that will do the most to increase their post’s exposure and engagement rates.

Whether you want to create a new hashtag or find the best hashtags for your posts, there are various tools you can use to get exactly what you need. Before you create a post and decide on the hashtags that will go with it, use one of the hashtag generator tools above. Try out anyone and see which one works best for you.

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