Beginners Guide to Instagram Shopping

This Beginners Guide to Instagram shopping will help you whether you are a business owner or a brand you always provide the best shopping offers to your audience in order to generate more sales.

That’s why you must set up an Instagram shop that can get you amazing online marketing solutions. The Instagram shopping feature can allow you to create an online store instantly and even in the Instagram app which makes a user go for purchasing.

So here in this beginner’s guide to Instagram shopping, we will discuss the Instagram shops and why you should use them effectively.

Instagram shop

This feature was originally launched in the year 2019 for small business owners and retailers. This feature can give you more business as it has the maximum potential to sell all kinds of products on Instagram.

You can showcase all your products through videos, photos, stories, Reels and ads, etc. With some simple steps, you can make available all kinds of products for your customers. This feature provides a seamless shopping experience for the customer.

Through this beginners guide to Instagram shopping, you can get all the knowledge about it…

Benefits of Instagram shop

Benefits of Instagram Shop

Did you know the Instagram shop is the feature that is pretty right for your business? Though you can provide all your products that make available to the customer still there are various benefits of Instagram shop you can find as you discover it more.

Those are the following benefits of Instagram shop

1. One can discover all your products easily

According to stats, approx. 70% of shoppers like to discover more products. As Instagram provides this convenient feature with shoppable tags, it becomes easier to find new products.

By using tags that are included in photos of the products one can easily discover and purchase your products. So a customer need not always visit the bio section URL as they get all their products from Instagram shoppable posts.

When somebody searches you using hashtags your products can appear on Instagram feeds and stories that are directly shoppable.

2. Instagram shopping works well with visual marketing

Beginners Guide to Instagram Shopping

Instagram shops can market all your products easily to customers through amazing visuals. By creating shoppable posts through Instagram stories, photos and Reels you can actually make a buyer go for purchasing.

Instagram shopping along with better visuals can strengthen your brand as a result people will like your post more.

3. Instagram shop can simplify  the shopping process

By using the Instagram shopping feature you can present all of your products directly to the customers which can streamline the shopping process.

In earlier days people always searched for the bio links to purchase their products. But nowadays with the Instagram shopping feature, it becomes easier for the customer to find new products every day as the links are available in all places of Instagram. They can get all their desired things with some simple clicks.

  •  How to start the Instagram shop?

Want to set up an online shop on Instagram or want to present all your products available to your customers? But before starting out you must consider the following things.

  1. Make sure you meet all the requirements

To start out the business on Instagram you must obey the Instagram commerce policies. There are four criteria that your business must meet to enable the Instagram shopping feature.

To qualify for that following things need to consider

  • You must have a business account
  • Add your location
  •  You can only sell physical products
  • You must connect business account to the Facebook page
  1. Add your product catalog

After creating an online shop, you need to add the product catalog. There are two methods by which you can add a product catalog to your account. 

One is you can use a commerce manager tool which can be found on Facebook business manager or Shopify or Big-commerce (third party services). Once you are done with creating a product catalog then you can submit your account for review. Then when your account gets approved you can use all the shopping features.

  • How to promote the products on Instagram shop?

By creating unique, engaging posts you can promote your products in Instagram shops. The following are the ideas which you need to consider to get more sales.

  • Create shoppable posts

Perhaps this is the easiest way to promote the products by creating shoppable posts. The shoppable post comes with a shopping bag icon found on the left corner which a customer always goes for.

The shoppable post comes with product price etc. Which can make a customer buy the products. If you are selling clothes products then you must tag 5 photos of the clothing products in order to get quick and easy sales.

  • Use Instagram stories effectively

A report says that above 500 million people use Instagram stories on a daily basis. So make sure you are using those features for promoting your business in a more effective way. 

In stories, you can add product stickers just like which you generally do on shoppable posts. Those product stickers can prompt a customer to know the best deals about the products and maybe he/she can go shopping too. Apart from that, the swipe-up feature can allow customers to shop too. 

  • Create amazing Reels

Though reels are not new to Instagram you can take the advantage of them by creating amazing fun-loving videos which can draw maximum engagement. You can also tag the products in Reels too.

  • Take advantage of hashtags

While creating any shoppable post you must include powerful hashtags as well. The hashtags such as #shopinstagram, #shopsmall, #shoponline, #shopinstagram can certainly make the products searchable.

  • Run Instagram ads

By using Instagram ads you can promote your products too. So go for running Instagram ads. To know the Guide to Instagram advertisements click here.

  • Go for influencer marketing

Approach influencers as they have a larger audience and people trust them a lot. You can promote all your products via influencer marketing too.


So this is the beginners guide to Instagram shopping which you can consider before proceeding into the use of the Instagram shop. First, read this article and approach accordingly.


Q. How to get approved for Instagram shopping?

A: After adding the product catalog you can go for approval. Within one or two days you will get approved.

Q. How to set up an Instagram shop in India?

A: Read this Full article

Q. How to sell on Instagram?

A: Give the link to the previous article……….,………………………….

Q. How to set up an Instagram shop without a website?

A: You can set up an Instagram shop when you turn your personal account into a business account. However, read this full article to set up an Instagram shop.

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