Most Hilarious April Fool Ideas & Quotes (You will love it)

april fool ideas

Finding some unique Hilarious April Fool Ideas and quotes? Landed on the right place.!.

April Fool’s Day is around the corner and not fooling someone on this day is like the biggest stupidity, isn’t it? But how to fool someone? We all fool our siblings or friends every year and this way naturally, we run out of ideas for April fools day, right?

We really don’t know from where this culture of fooling someone on April 1st started. But we do know that this day comes with a lot of fun!! So here we have given some of our best April Fool’s Day Pranks for you all which are definitely unique and your prey would surely come in your prank 😉

Also, here we have written some April fool quotes which you can post on this day. These quotes will definitely inspire you to fool someone or share it with your friends who just got fooled. 😉 In the end, no one will like getting fooled. Haha.

So, first, let’s have a look at the best April Fool Pranks or April Fool Ideas…

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Hilarious April Fool Ideas

1. Choco-paste Oreo Biscuit

This is one of the best April Fool pranks for your siblings. Just replace the cream of Oreo biscuit with any white toothpaste and give them to your brother or sister! The reaction would be worth watching!!

2. No-Lather Bathing Soap

If you have transparent nail polish, then paint the whole bathing soap with it just before your sibling goes for a nice bath. 😉

3. Bug On The Bed

This April-Fool prank is the most common but yet the most successful one. Buy a fake bug your sibling is afraid of and leave it on his/her bed in the morning. As soon as your sibling will get up, he/she will scream and you will laugh. 😀

4. Keep A Horn Under The Seat Or Mattress

A horn also known as an airhorn is widely available in any store. Just attach the horn under the seat or a mattress and whenever the person will sit, he or she will make that noise.

5. A Scary Night

Switch off all the lights from the main board of the house and play a horror voice on a speaker or any device which can be hidden. Your siblings will surely be very scared.

6. Prank The Prankster

You know that your siblings would definitely do something to prank you on April Fool’s Day. So, to prank them, change the dates in every mobile or wherever your sibling would recheck it. (like March 31 or April 2) Once he or she pranks you, tell them it is not Fool’s Day. The reaction will seriously be hilarious!

7. A Test Tomorrow

This April Fool ideas and Prank can be done with your schoolmates or collegemates. Call one of your friends and tell them that there is a test tomorrow. They’ll be prepared for it the next day and once he or she will get to know it that there was no such test, then you can imagine what will happen. 😉

Now, that you have completed your mission of fooling someone on April Fool’s Day, it’s time to console them by sending sweet and motivational April Fool Quotes.

I am sure you’ll like it. Let’s dive into it…

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April Fool Quotes

  • “Don’t be afraid by getting April fooled, we all get fool bro in this world.”
  • “Feeling bad.? don’t worry become a Dad.”
  • “Our own life fools us.”
  • “Stop fooling others, when you are already a fool.”
  • “What.? yes I can listen to you but tomorrow!.”
  • “Some people forget about the feelings that’s why they can’t feel the pain of the poor ones.”
  • “Don’t be in a misconception that I forgot the day, so stay away from me.”
  • YES! I have a girlfriend… hahaha…!!!.” Happy April fool Day!
  • “Some people can’t afford silly things and I am (some people).”
april fool Quotes
  • “Never trust someone on April Fool’s Day.”
  • “A month which comes with a lot of joy and laughter.”
  • “Don’t even think to fool me this day.”
  • “Remember the day of 1st April so that you can save yourself from being a fool.”
  • “Making fool and getting fooled is normal on April Fool’s Day.”
  • “When someone says that onion is the only food which can make a man cry, then I throw a coconut on his face.”

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April Fools Day Instagram Captions

  • “I dare you to fool me.”
April Fool Ideas and Quotes
  • “There is nobody who can prank me.”
  • “Sometimes, April fool pranks go wrong.”
  • “See how I fool my best-friend.”
  • “Poor old lady!.”
  • “Grow up guys, it’s 2020!”
  • “Throw a balloon full of water on an innocent girl.”
  • “I have my phone in my pocket.”
  • “Prank me once shame on you, prank me twice shame on me.”
  • “It’s April fools.”
  • “I was waiting for the 1st of April and I couldn’t prank anyone.”
  • “Why feel bad when here is your DAD.”
  • “Fool of the Day.”
  • “This is my Love.”
  • “April Fool.”
  • “Any Suggestions for the day?.”
  • “It’s my birthday and no one believes me.”
  • “Don’t give a f**k it really sucks.”
  • “It’s my Hatrick of the day.”
  • “Go crazy on April Fool Day.”
  • “Craziest thing ever.!.”
  • “Prank of the Month.”

Loved these April Fool Ideas and April Fool Quotes? Then what are you waiting for? Head on to fool your prey and beware that you don’t get fooled in the process of fooling them 😉 ALL THE BEST!

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